Nose Job in Turkey İstanbul

nose job in Turkey Istanbul

What’s The Advantage of an Ultrasonic Piezo Rhinoplasty?

» Negates complications from chisels or rasps

» Reduces trauma to surrounding soft tissues, blood vessels, and nerves

» Minimizes bleeding and swelling (It does not bruise)

» Is more precise than a chisel or rasp

» Eliminates accidental splinter fractures

» Is more gentle than traditional rhinoplasty techniques

» Supports bone regeneration

» Offers a faster and more comfortable recovery(Opportunity to be discharged during the day)

» Reduces postoperative pain

» Achieves more natural-looking results







Features and Benefits of the Nose Job in Turkey

Traditional rhinoplasty involves treating the bone with rasps, leading to many traumas to the soft tissues. The design of the piezo tool does not contain moving elements, reducing physical effort during the treatment. Besides, an ultrasonic instrument allows you to control the incision and bone formation process. By controlling the movements, trauma to excess tissue and vessels is prevented. Only the bone structure is cut during the procedure, so you can forget about swelling and bleeding.

Ultrasonic surgery significantly reduces the recovery period. A nose job in Istanbul with a piezo tool has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of soft tissue trauma to minimal values, resulting in less bruising or swelling.
  • Controlled incisions form clear even lines.
  • Prevents uncontrolled bone fractures and deformities in contrast to osteotomy techniques.
  • Postoperative recovery is faster because it does not cause damage to soft tissue, surrounding blood vessels, and cartilage so that patients can return to their daily lives more quickly.
  • The accuracy of nasal bone reshaping is higher, resulting in increased patient satisfaction.
  • The incidence of complications and the need for revision surgery are reduced.

All these advantages are beneficial for those who choose an ultrasonic treatment.What Does a Piezo Rhinoplasty Tool Give?

The piezo rhinoplasty tool allows for guesswork and does not fear accidental fractures. It acts selectively on dense bone tissue, resulting in minimal swelling and bleeding of the skin or mucous membranes.The principle of operation is to apply high-frequency ultrasound to the area to be corrected. It changes the thickness of the bone by grinding it down and reshaping the nose without causing fractures. The piezo instrument provides a broad view of the operating field, allowing the surgeon to correct deformities as accurately as possible. Therefore, a patient can analyze the results of a nose job before and after.

The Rules for Successful Rehabilitation

You should be in bed with your head above your chest to reduce bleeding and swelling. This approach is required for the first 24 hours in the clinic. Some bleeding from the nose is possible for a few days. Special silicone air outlet plates are placed in the nose so that patients can breathe through the nose immediately after surgery. Individually pronounced bruises and swelling around the eyes are normal and usually disappear within 7 to 10 days after an operation.

You should also take precautions for several weeks after surgery to reduce the likelihood of bleeding and swelling.

How Much Is a Nose Job in Turkey?

This question may frighten everyone who thinks about this procedure. However, a nose job cost is affordable for each patient, and the final result justifies the money spent. A skillful surgeon will consider your needs and create a new nose that makes an attractive facial appearance.

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