Rhinoplasty in Turkey – Istanbul

Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques

Let’s explore some of the most common types of rhinoplasty. Their descriptions may help understand what results to expect from a nose job.

Rhinoplasty Reduction Surgery

The most common procedure for both men and women is rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose. This surgery is characterized by changing the size and proportions of the nose concerning the rest of the face. There may be a problem with the nose’s length or width. The shape and size of the nasal tip and nostrils are sometimes out of proportion with the face. During the first consultation, a surgeon considers all f these aspects to address the patient’s unique desires for the final result, aided greatly by computer modeling. The last option is included in the rhinoplasty in Turkey price.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

The purpose of this treatment is obvious: increasing the size of the nose by adding construction material or grafts for aesthetic reasons. It is often caused by injuries, congenital deformities, underdevelopment of the nose, or failed rhinoplasty, resulting in a loss of tissue or its tone. There are several options for this type of surgery, ranging from using your bone or rib cartilage to artificial or biological implants.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

There are many reasons for planning a reconstructive rhinoplasty, such as improving breathing function with a nasal septal plate after improperly treated nasal fractures. A severe physical ailment may often require cosmetic surgery (for example, if the nose is severely displaced due to trauma). In this case, the plastic surgeon usually performs the cosmetic part of the operation together with the otorhinolaryngology surgeon. This selection of a surgical team for a single treatment is quite common in reconstructive rhinoplasty and helps you to write positive rhinoplasty in Turkey reviews after rhinoplasty.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

This operation covers the need to correct some ethnic features of a patient’s nose (there can be a hump or too large a size). In this case, a surgeon should know all the differences in noses of various ethnicities.

Differences in Rhinoplasty for Men and Women

Male rhinoplasty differs from female treatment in a different approach because noses are perceived differently because of their diverse anatomy. But it is not just about facial proportions.

A woman’s nose is more accessible to correct because of the soft and pliable bones and elastic skin, which is quicker to repair. Male solid bones and a predisposition to heavy bleeding lead to a more extended rehabilitation with bruises.


The skin of the male nose differs significantly in thickness, being thin on the back and dense with enlarged glands at the tip. This structure affects the recovery nature and the result: the rude surgeon’s actions can provoke contouring of the septum. When operating on the male nose, the plastic surgeon considers these factors and the inherent gender geometry of the face. Such moments fundamentally change the principles of the surgeon’s work during an all inclusive rhinoplasty in Turkey.

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