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Does Rhinoplasty Hurt?

Does Rhinoplasty Hurt?

Because of the swelling and bruising after surgery, many patients believe that rhinoplasty operations are very painful. Is this really true?

Is a Nose Job Very Painful?

No, rhinoplasty is not painful. The procedure is performed only under general anesthesia, and the patient feels nothing. The intensity and duration of discomfort or painful sensations after anesthesia are individual and depend on the following aspects:


  • pain threshold;
  • the complexity of plastic surgery;
  • the nature and number of incisions and manipulations with the tissues of the nose.


As a rule, discomfort after rhinoplasty is regarded by patients as quite tolerable and lasts 2-3 days. If the pain is very unpleasant, the doctor prescribes additional painkillers to facilitate the rehabilitation period.

On the day of surgery and the day after rhinoplasty, a scarlet liquid may flow from the nostrils, and the gauze bandage at the tip of the nose is saturated with blood. Do not worry, this is quite normal and is associated with the healing of internal seams. In addition, swelling of the nostrils increases the pain and makes it difficult to breathe. Immediately after the operation, ice compresses are applied to the nose and around the eyes, which greatly help to reduce swelling.

The next day after the operation, after discharge, it is very important to continue to make ice compresses, alternating 15 minutes of compress and 30 minutes of rest. If the rehabilitation proceeds in the standard mode, silicone splints are removed from the nasal passages on the second or third day after the operation.

Within 2-3 days, a sore throat often appears when swallowing. Persistent dry mouth is caused by impaired nasal breathing due to swelling. This condition quickly passes within a few days.

It is extremely important to follow all the recommendations of the doctor and take prescribed medications on time. Usually it is an antibiotic, pain reliever, antiallergic, antiseptic cream and nasal spray.

Is Getting Rhinoplasty Worth It?

If you have reasons for a nose job or factors that disturb you, it is worth getting rhinoplasty. 

The first reason is a medical condition for a nose job, which occurs in 20% of plastic surgery patients. A crooked septum, nasal diseases, and more make breathing difficult. The patient cannot smell, has frequent headaches, and finds exercising very difficult. Surgery that returns healthy breathing is called septoplasty. During this treatment, the plastic surgeon operates on the nasal septum and restores its functional properties.

The second reason is aesthetic complaints about the nose. The nose is the main organ on the human face, on which the harmony of distances depends. The most frequent aesthetic problems are the following:


  • A hump at the nose
  • Too wide nostrils
  • Too fat nose
  • Nose that is too long
  • Asymmetric nose
  • Saddle nose
  • A hooked nose (thicker nasal tip).


The result of the work of a plastic surgeon should be an aesthetically pleasing nose. Not a small and not a big one. Not a puppet or “unnatural” nose, but harmonious and correct.

How To Minimize the Discomfort of a Nose Job?

As you have already understood, there is no intolerable pain after rhinoplasty. However, the patient does experience some discomfort in the postoperative period because of the tampons in the nose and the fixation bandage on the face.

Pain and discomfort can be reduced by using particular medications prescribed by the plastic surgeon. After rhinoplasty in Istanbul, you should consult with Dr. Kadir only if the pain is severe and the body temperature rises above 38 degrees. A consultation is also required in the case of prolonged swelling and bruising.



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