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How should be the ideal nose?

It has long been known that the nose is not just a part of the face involved in breathing and smell; it is also its aesthetic center. Snub nose, a fine imposing, “bulbous nose,” noble “Greek nose” or hooked nose… These are only some of the names for it. Let’s find out what type of nose is ideal.

What Is the Ideal Shape of the Nose?

According to studies, the ideal nose for a European person fits the face at an angle of about 30-40 degrees. However, this conclusion of scientists can be subjected to significant doubt. The fact is that, for example, the image of Venus de Milo, which for a long time was one of the standards of beauty, was created with a well-shaped nose.

Among the parameters determining the face’s beauty, the researchers also identified the angle between the nose and lips. It should be about 90-105 degrees. However, over time, these angles change gradually.

Another vital feature is how the nose is located on the face. The ideal position is considered to be when the bridge of the nose is about one centimeter higher than the line connecting the eyelashes on the upper eyelids.

However, plastic surgeons themselves are pretty skeptical about such studies. No one has ever fit the average version of the nose. Each person is different, so experienced specialists (such as Dr. Kadir Kilimcioglu) always select a unique variant of rhinoplasty for each specific case. By the way, a few decades ago, there was a real problem with the so-called perfect nose in rhinoplasty, which plastic surgeons made as a blueprint. They looked utterly inappropriate on many faces, so in the end, doctors had to give up using such an average technology.

What Shape of the Nose Is Most Attractive?

It is hard to name the most attractive shape of the nose because it depends on people’s taste. Some people like a perfectly straight, well-shaped nose, which is the golden standard. It is equally suitable for both women and men.

Others may prefer the Greek nose. This shape of the nose is perfectly straight, but there is no pronounced knob at the tip. The distinctive feature of the Greek nose is the long and very graceful bridge of the nose.

In any case, Dr. Kadir takes into account the anatomical features of the face when examining a patient and makes recommendations based on this. This approach ensures that the new nose will look organic on the face.

How Do I Choose the Right Nose for Rhinoplasty?

You can provide your needs and requirements to Dr. Kadir, but only the plastic surgeon can decide on the type of treatment regarding the volume of work. But you will be satisfied with the final surgical result and enjoy your new nose. All this is possible due to the vast expertise of Dr. Kadir Kilimcioglu in his clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. You can also look at the perfect nose job before and after photos and assess the surgeon’s skill.




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