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Nasal hump removal


 Bone protrusion above the nasal bone, from the lateral wall of the nose is higher and protruding compared to joining point with forehead, is called the nasal hump.

  If we are performing a nasal hump surgery, which is the situation we usually see during rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) surgery, this hump should be filed or removed completely in order to ensure that the bone and cartilage parts of the nose are in the same level. The nose should be straight from the front and side view.
The decision is made during the nose analysis we performed before the surgery and during the surgery for the elimination of the hump by filing. Or depending on the height of the hump and the relationship between the nose side wall and forehead completely removal by cutting the bone.

Surgical nasal bump removal.

Planning. The wishes of the patient finds out and models a new nose with the help of computer programs (nose surgery simulation). This is necessary to make sure in advance that the removal of the bone hump will give the expected result. Also, the model allows you to plan a complex plastic surgery (wings are corrected and the length of the tip of the nose is changed), if necessary.
Anesthesia. Rhinoplasty is done under general anesthesia. Then the surgical manipulations are planed. 


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