What is revision rhinoplasty?
24 April 2021
What Is a Rhinoplasty?
24 April 2021
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Open or closed rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery to correct the shape of the nose. During rhinoplasty, it is possible to correct different parts of the nose, such as the nasal bridge, nostrils, alar base and tip. Surgery is performed in the open or closed method. Let’s see the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty and consider the pros and cons of each technique.

What Are the Differences Between Open and Closed Rhinoplasty?

Closed rhinoplasty is a method of external nose correction in which all incisions are made inside the nose; they are closed.

During open nose surgery, an additional skin incision is made to the columella (the part of the skin between the nostrils). By making this incision, the surgeon can push the skin of the nasal tip upward, thus gaining access to its structures. After the surgery, the suture is sewn up, the rehabilitation process goes well, and the suture is no longer visible after a while.

Is Open Rhinoplasty Better?

At first, choosing a closed rhinoplasty seems better. There are no external seams, and the operation and rehabilitation period takes a little less time.

However, it is not that simple. First, only the surgeon can decide whether to choose open or closed surgery, and it depends on several reasons. Besides, open rhinoplasty has some apparent benefits. First is the flexibility of this technique, allowing the plastic surgeon to eliminate most aesthetic and functional defects.

The second significant advantage of this technique is the predictability and stability of the open rhinoplasty result. It is no secret that in the practice of any surgeon, there is a certain percentage of repeat nasal corrections. After open surgeries, there are considerably fewer of them, if not to say that they are absent altogether. Working blind or in an accessible space is a big difference.

Another advantage is achieving the desired aesthetic result. It is especially true in cases where the amount of work is relatively large (e.g., reconstruction of the back of the nose or modeling of the tip). Moreover, all the open rhinoplasty steps are precise, from making incisions to suturing.

How Much Does an Open Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey?

It is complicated to provide the exact price of the open rhinoplasty. The price of a nose job is determined on an individual basis after an examination and the choice of surgical method by Dr. Kadir. The final cost is influenced by the surgery complexity, the amount of work, the type of anesthesia, and the length of stay in the hospital after the procedure. For example, tip plasty will cost less than aesthetic treatment.

In any case, Dr. Kadir Kilimcioglu does a nose job that is totally worth the money. You can benefit from the over 25 years of experience and excellent skills of a plastic surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey. Besides, the clinic of Dr. Kadir has an International Health Tourism Authorisation Certificate approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health. It is another sign of the high quality of plastic treatment a specialist provides.

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