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What Are the Differences Between Female and Male Rhinoplasty Surgery?

According to statistics, men go to a plastic surgeon about 4 times less often than women. But some treatment is equally popular among representatives of both sexes, and rhinoplasty in Turkey is one of them.

An even and symmetrical nose adorns the face and transforms any appearance. Do not think that men and women have the same surgery because there are differences at all stages, from preparation to rehabilitation.

Why Do Men and Women Want Rhinoplasty?

Men and women of different ages come to a plastic surgery clinic for rhinoplasty in Istanbul with different motivations. Women are primarily interested in correcting aesthetic defects of the nose, such as:

  • disproportionate size;
  • unattractive (or unfashionable) form;
  • hollows or a hooked nose;
  • asymmetry.

Women often go to a plastic surgeon to fix a perfectly normal nose. They just want a nose, “like Kate Middleton / Grace Kelly / Kate Beckinsale / Scarlett Johansson / Kim Kardashian.” Female patients also come to the clinic to correct the results of past plastic surgeries that they were not satisfied with. This treatment requires careful preparation and considering all nuances of earlier treatments.

Men usually undergo rhinoplasty only in the most serious cases. A disfiguring injury or severe deviation of the septum is one of them because it does not allow normal breathing and leads to snoring, heavy bleeding, or other unpleasant consequences. Of course, men also think about aesthetics. They can be dissatisfied with a big or longish nose, hooked nostrils, asymmetry, crooked nose bridge, bent down, or wide tip.

However, there is a massive difference in expectations. Men are interested in the fact that the result of the operation was the most invisible and natural, with no stitches and insignificant appearance changes. On the other hand, women are often ready for experiments with their faces.

Is There a Difference Between Male and Female Noses?

The difference between rhinoplasty for women and men is explained by the anatomical features of the nose and the male face in general.

Men have thicker skin, which differs in various nose parts. The bridge is thinner when the nose cartilage is more viscous, with developed sebaceous glands. This structure of the tip often leads to scarring. The man’s nose is usually much larger than a woman’s because it more rough shape. In addition, there are aesthetic features because the concept of the ideal nose for both sexes sometimes differs significantly. But if we talk about direct anatomical differences, there is no significant difference.

The surgical process itself also differs. Modeling the nasal tip is done at the expense of cartilage structures, which in men are thin. Therefore, the surgeon has to work more carefully.

Can a Nose Job Make You Look More Feminine?

Naturally, rhinoplasty allows you to modify the nose as the patient sees fit. The doctor can raise the tip to make the nose more feminine and graceful. However, such work can only be done by a professional with years of experience, such as Dr. Kadir.

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