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What Is a Bifid (Split) Nasal Tip?

What Is a Bifid (Split) Nasal Tip?

A bifid nasal tip, also known as a split nasal tip, is a characteristic where the nose tip has a visible indentation or cleft, effectively dividing it into two distinct parts. This split can range from a subtle dip to a more pronounced division. When viewed from below, the nostrils often have a “double-dome” appearance due to this indentation.

What Causes a Bifid Nasal Tip?

The underlying cause of a bifid nasal tip is typically the shape and positioning of the lower lateral cartilages of the nose. These paired cartilages give the nasal tip its form and support. When these cartilages are separated or splayed apart, they can cause the overlying skin to dip, resulting in a bifid appearance. Several factors may contribute to this separation:


  • Family history often plays a role. Individuals with family members having a bifid nasal tip may have a higher predisposition.
  • Developmental Factors. As the nose develops in the womb, any interruptions or unique growth patterns can result in a bifid tip.
  • Physical trauma to the nose can sometimes alter the structure and position of the cartilage, leading to a bifid appearance.

Is a Bifid Nose a Deformity?

The term “deformity” carries a negative connotation and may not be the most appropriate way to describe a bifid nasal tip. While it varies from what many consider the “typical” nose shape, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a deformity. Everyone’s nose is unique, with variations in size, shape, and contour. The bifid nasal tip is simply one of these many variations. Some people may embrace their bifid nose as a distinguishing feature, while others may feel self-conscious about it.

How Rare Is a Bifid Nose Tip?

The exact prevalence of bifid nose tips is hard to determine because subtle variations might not be recorded or even noticed. While it’s not extremely common, it’s also not excessively rare. Many plastic surgeons encounter patients with bifid nasal tips, especially those specializing in rhinoplasty.

What Percentage of People Have a Bifid Nose?

This birth anomaly affects less than 0.0008% of people worldwide, making it the most common midline craniofacial cleft. 8% of people with bifid noses also have hypertelorism. The prevalence can also differ among ethnic and genetic populations. For instance, certain ethnic groups might have a higher or lower occurrence due to genetic factors.

Can Bifid (Split) Nasal Be Fixed With Rhinoplasty?

A bifid nasal tip can be addressed with rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose. The goal of the surgery in this context is to bring the lower lateral cartilages closer together, eliminating or reducing the bifid appearance. Techniques might include:


  • Suturing techniques. Surgeons can use stitches to approximate the separated cartilage.
  • Cartilage grafting. Using cartilage (often from another part of the patient’s body) allows for added support or reshaping of the nasal tip.
  • Repositioning cartilages. Adjusting the position of the cartilages to achieve a more unified nasal tip.


For those considering rhinoplasty, we recommend consulting with Dr. Kadir, a professional rhinoplasty specialist with significant experience in nose surgery. And receive recommendations tailored to your unique anatomy and your aesthetic goals.

Conclusion About Bifid Nose Surgery in Turkey

A bifid (split) nasal tip is a distinct feature where the nasal tip appears divided due to the separation of the underlying cartilages. While it’s a natural variation in nasal anatomy, those who are self-conscious about it can seek surgical interventions like rhinoplasty to modify the appearance. As with any surgical procedure, it’s crucial to be well-informed and to work with a skilled and experienced surgeon. They will help you find the perfect way to fix this condition.

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