Removing a Dorsal Hump with Rhinoplasty Surgery
Removing a Dorsal Hump with Rhinoplasty Surgery
17 September 2023
What is Saddle Nose Deformity?
What is Saddle Nose Deformity?
18 September 2023
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What is the Best Nose Job for a Flat Nose?

What is the Best Nose Job for a Flat Nose?

A flat nose, often characterized by a low or broad nasal bridge and wider nostrils, is a common facial feature in many ethnicities. Some individuals feel that their flat nose does not fit the desired aesthetic and opt for a nose job, medically known as rhinoplasty, to refine its shape and enhance facial harmony. If you’re considering altering the appearance of a flat nose, it’s essential to understand the available options and the expected outcomes.

What Is a Flat Nose Bridge?

A flat nose bridge refers to the structure and shape of the nose where the bridge doesn’t protrude outward prominently. In contrast to a high or pronounced nose bridge, which has a raised appearance, a flat nose bridge appears more flush with the face.

Nose bridge shape and prominence can vary significantly across individuals and ethnic groups. For instance, many East Asian, Southeast Asian, African people origin, and Indigenous populations may have a flatter nose bridge. At the same time, many individuals of European, Middle Eastern, or South Asian descent might have more prominent nose bridges. However, it’s essential to recognize a broad range of nose shapes and structures within any ethnic or racial group.

How to Reshape a Flat Nose?

Several surgical and non-surgical techniques can be used to reshape a flat nose.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty for a Flat Nose

For those with a flat nose, the procedure often sought is “augmentation rhinoplasty.” This procedure involves adding volume to the nose, typically to the bridge, to give it a more projected appearance.

Materials Used for Augmentation

  • These are grafts taken from the patient’s body, usually from the septum, ear, or ribs. Because the tissue comes from the patient, there’s a lower risk of infection or rejection.
  • These are tissues harvested from cadavers. They have been treated to ensure they don’t cause infections or disease transmissions.
  • Synthetic Implants. These include materials like silicone or Gore-Tex. While they can offer consistent results, there’s a higher risk of complications like extrusion, infection, or shifting.

Alar Base Reduction

A surgeon can reduce an alar base for those who wish to narrow wide nostrils. This procedure reduces the width of the nostrils by removing a small wedge of tissue at the base of the nose.

Tip Plasty

Individuals with a flat nose might also feel their nasal tip lacks definition. Tip plasty refines the nose tip by reshaping the cartilage to provide better definition and projection.

Combining Procedures

A combination of augmentation, alar base reduction, and tip plasty may be required for the best aesthetic outcome to achieve a harmonious and balanced look.

Can I Change My Flat Nose Without Surgery?

There are non-surgical options like dermal fillers for those wary of going under the knife. These can be used to enhance the bridge or tip of the nose temporarily. While this option is less invasive, it’s essential to note that the results are temporary and carry their own set of risks.

Final Thoughts About Flat Nose Surgery in Turkey

The “best” nose job for a flat nose largely depends on the individual’s aesthetic goals and unique facial features. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in rhinoplasty will ensure you receive expert guidance tailored to your needs. Remember that the aim is not to conform to a singular beauty standard but to enhance and harmonize your unique facial features.

Individuals of different ethnic backgrounds must seek surgeons experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty. Every ethnicity has unique nasal characteristics, and maintaining ethnic identity while enhancing the nose’s appearance requires specialized expertise. So ask the surgeon, “What do you do for a flat nose?” to get the most comprehensive answer.

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