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What is Tipplasty (Nose Tip Aesthetics)?

What is Tipplasty (Nose Tip Aesthetics)?

What can the tip of the nose be like? Today, doctors distinguish the most common types of nasal tips: thin or tapered, wide or fleshy. The nose can be upturned or drooping.

Some people like it; they want to maintain their unique appearance, while others, on the contrary, rush to get rid of it. Naturally, the question arises, how can the specialist correct such an essential for some people’s defects? To do this, you can turn to specialists and do a rhinoplasty of the tip of the nose. You can check tip plasty before and after results on the website to assess the surgeon’s skill.

What Is a Tip Plasty Surgery?

Tip plasty is a remarkably complex treatment requiring a plastic surgeon’s utmost skill and precision. After all, the nose’s tip is quite a tiny and delicate part of the body. The shape of the cartilage of the nasal wings and cartilage structures and soft tissues of the tip itself determines its shape. Only a very experienced doctor can perform this procedure at a top level and achieve a perfect aesthetic result.

Doctors distinguish two methods of rhinoplasty of the nasal tip. These will be the closed and open methods. The doctor chooses the one during the consultation with the patient.

So, if the closed method is chosen, the surgeon makes a neat incision in the nasal mucosa. At the same time, the doctor performs manipulations using special tools. As a result, sutures have been applied that form the necessary appearance of the tip.

The main disadvantage of this method is that the doctor cannot use all the techniques during the operation and guarantee the desired effect. In addition, during the closed process of surgery, there is a high probability of vascular damage because it is tough to control the procedure. It leads to the development of hematomas and other complications, increasing the time required for recovery.

In the open method, the surgeon cuts the columella (a jumper between the nostrils), opens the wing cartilages, and removes any identified excess. The main advantage of the open rhinoplasty method is the surgeon’s complete control of the operation, which leads to fewer complications.

Sutures accompany both methods. With their help, the desired shape of the nasal tip will be created. A special underpinning cartilage is used if you need to strengthen the nose’s tip by slightly elevating it.

How Much Is a Tip Plasty?

 The price of a tip plasty surgery in Turkey varies depending on several features, including the medical center, the surgeon’s qualifications, and the procedure carried out. The average price is around $2,000, and the maximum is about $3,700. The pricing range in various cities, including Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir, may differ for various reasons.

Is a Tip Plasty Cheaper Than a Rhinoplasty?

Yes, this type of medical treatment has a lower price because the area to be worked on is less. However, the tip plasty still requires the high qualification of a surgeon in Turkey.

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