Nose Aesthetics

What is Rhinoplasty?


Rhinoplasty is, in a sense, functional reconstructive nasal surgery. It is one of the basic operations of the department of otorhinolaryngology.
The nose should primarily perform its function well. Breathing, humidifying the air and clearing foreign particles are the main tasks of the nose. While treating pathologies such as sinusitis in the nose, septum deviation, inferior concanhypetrophy as ENT, both medically and surgically, we must examine the external anatomy of the nose in detail.
Across curvature outside the nose, excessive bone outside the nose, deformations at the tip of the nose can also affect the intranasal functions.
The right time to correct the outside of the nose, both cosmetically and functionally, is the moment when correcting the inside. Inside and outside of the nose is a whole. Rhinoplasty surgeries are not painful operations, these operations require 7 days of plaster and 2 days of nasal packing. Open technique is preferred in terms of nose aesthetics, because it is possible to have full control of the nasal tip and septum.



 Nose Tip Aesthetics

Tipplasty (nose tip aesthetics). It is the surgery we perform to achieve the desired appearance of the front part of the nose cartilage without touching the nasal bone, in cases where there is no hump, curvature or deformation in the nasal bone, but there is curvature, width, coarseness, irregularity in the anterior cartilage part of the nose or when the nostrils have extra width .
There is no post-operative bruising, swelling and plaster cast on the nose, since there is no breaking or cutting in the nasal bone in tipplasty surgery. The healing process is easier and faster. Only the anterior part of the nose is edematous due to the surgical procedure performed, and the postoperative surgical site edema is fixed with a plaster to quickly dissipate and heal. If no treatment has been performed on the septum (middle part of the nose) or nasal flesh due to nasal congestion, there is usually no need for nasal packing. tampona gerek yok.


From What Age Can Rhinoplasty Be Performed?


Bone development must be completed by age. It usually happens when women are 17, and men are 18 years old. If there is no health problem that prevents the person from having surgery, there is no upper age limit. However, we recommend that the surgery is kept until the age of 18 not only for health reasons, but also for the patient to make the right decision.

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